How Will Blockchain Affect My Members?

As you may recall from my previous post on my new whitepaper, Blockchain for Associations: Separating the Hype from the Promise, my co-author Shelly Alcorn and I think that this is the REAL question association execs need to be asking ourselves right now.

The tricky part is that now we’re getting into particular professions and industries, which means that the questions, problems, and answers differ.

Realizing that we couldn’t take on EVERYTHING, Shelly and I identified the following professions/industries and related questions as key areas in which to demonstrate the potential of blockchain technology:

  • Education: How can we quickly and cheaply verify credentials with 100% certainty?
  • Engineering: How can we accelerate the construction process while also reducing risk?
  • Government: If someone loses her documents or her papers are destroyed, how can she prove who she is?
  • Law: How do we ensure that contracts are executed correctly, that all parties understand them, and that they remain safe and secure?
  • Supply Chain: How can we be certain of the provenance of goods while also reducing the time (and associated costs) of getting them from point A to point B?
  • Real Estate: How can we make it easier to buy and sell property while also ensuring ownership records are correct and current?

To learn the answers, check out the full whitepaper, Blockchain for Associations: Separating the Hype from the Promise, downloadable for free at, no divulging of any information about yourself required.