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Velvet Rope or Come Party with Me?

Scene one: I’m in New Orleans on vacation wandering down Frenchmen Street in Faubourg Marigny looking for a good place to hang out and hear some tunes on a Wednesday night. First stop: the Spotted…

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What if associations offered no agenda at the next staff retreat other than “show up and talk about how we can be better?”

What if the only thing associations focused on was: “How can we be better?” I think this gets to some of the other questions, like: What if we forgot about petty internal politics and focused…

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What if associations decided that sometimes, telling a member ‘no’ is an acceptable practice?

What if (perish the thought!), we actually told members NO? I actually suspect that most associations already do this, but we do it in the wrong way. We say “no” all the time. Only it’s…

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