What Do You Reward?

Novelty or loyalty?

We’ve all heard the come ons: switch your cable/cell/Internet/long distance provider and we’ll give you gifts, or better pricing, or premium services for free, or whatever.

Everybody’s always looking for new customers, right?

Association professionals should know better. But we don’t. We know that a retained member is more valuable than a new member. We know how much more expensive it is to get a new member. We know how important member satisfaction is.

But who get the goodies?

New members – join now and you get free months, a free book, a free webinar, a free conference attendance, etc.

What if we rewarded loyalty instead?

What if you said: “As a thank you for your committee service last year, please choose any book in our bookstore.”?

What if you offered buy 5 get the sixth for free on your conference attendance?

What if you sent out a letter that read: “Congratulations on ten years of continuous membership! Next year’s on us!”?

How can you show the love to your most loyal supporters?