NP Tech Podcast: Cut Through the Clutter

A few weeks ago, Hilary Marsh and I had the opportunity to sit down (virtually, of course) with fusionSPAN’s Justin Burniske to talk all things content curation.

The conversation was based on Hilary’s and my recently released whitepaper, Cut Through the Clutter: Content Curation, Associations’ Secret Weapon Against Information Overload. We discussed topics such as:

  • Why now? Why focus on content curation now, when there are so many pressures on association resources?
  • What new opportunities does a virtual work environment present?
  • What are the differences between active content curation and advanced search?
  • Is effective curation push, pull, or both?
  • What impact does a member paywall have on content curation strategy?
  • What skills do staff members need to do content curation effectively?

You can get the full recording on your favorite podcast platform, or at the fusionSPAN website.