“It’s About Delight”

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Seth Godin recently had a sort of silly story about a recent experience at Whole Foods. Which is all well and good. But one thing particularly struck me:

“It’s not about charging less. It’s about delight.”

I want to emphasize that.

It’s about delight.

Stop and think about that for a minute.

I think we don’t focus enough on the concept of creating delight when we’re creating member experiences. We think about being polite on the phone, spelling their names right, getting the renewal invoices out on time, delivering the journals to the correct address, and putting together solid conferences and useful networking events. Tactical, mundane stuff that keeps the association running smoothly, but isn’t exactly earth-shattering.

Everybody knows changing your perspective and seeing things differently can help us come to new, more creative conclusions.

So what have you done not to serve, not to handle, not to shut up, but to delight your members lately?

When – if ever – was the last time you even gave that concept consideration?

What would the world look like for your organization and constituents if delight was your focus?

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One thought on ““It’s About Delight””

  • Nice post, which got me thinking. that’s really exactly what we’re trying to do with YAP. There are many serious benefits there, but we really want the whole experience of being a YAPstar to be full of delight. And I think it’s a rare thing!

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