Generative AI, Associations, Ethics, and Regulation

Maddie Grant (PROPEL), Jennifer Yarrish (AARP), Paul Roetzer (Marketing AI Institute), and I recently had a great conversation about associations’ role in the ethics of generative AI and in regulation of the technology for UST Education.

Topics we addressed included:

  • What are the critical ethical concerns related to the creation and use of generative AI tools?
  • AI has been all around us for years. What’s different about the generative AI tools that are now available to us?
  • What’s happening with regulation of generative AI tools? What are the concerns about regulating? What are the concerns about NOT regulating?
  • What role should associations be taking with regards to ethical use of generative AI for our internal operations? For member-facing programs, products, and services? For the professions and industries we serve?
  • What role should associations be taking with regards to regulation of generative AI?
  • What are some of the positive possibilities that are facilitated by the rise of generative AI technologies?

Did you miss it? Never fear! The recording is now available at the UST Education website (our webinar host).

Image credit: Ness Labs