Turns out, Big Brother tactics are NOT such a good idea

Information about people’s attitudes about online privacy, thanks to the Consumers Union

According to the [Consumer’s Union] poll, 82 percent of consumers are concerned about their credit card numbers being stolen online, while 72 percent are concerned that their online behaviors were being tracked and profiled by companies.

Although 68 percent of consumers have provided personal information in order to access a website, 53 percent are uncomfortable with internet companies using their email content or browsing history to send relevant ads, and 54 percent are uncomfortable with third parties collecting information about their online behavior.

What information are you collecting about your members and other constituents? How are you using it? How are you safeguarding it? Do they know?

One thought on “Turns out, Big Brother tactics are NOT such a good idea”

  • Good observation, Elizabeth. Although we don’t like being tracked, we do track others (legally, of course).

    It’s like cursing pedestrians when you drive, and cursing drivers when you walk.

    It seems like association execs are good role-players.

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