The Power of the Beta

One of the reasons we in the association world can be afraid to try new things is that we worry that if it’s not perfect, the members will freak out.

And for some of your members, that’s probably true.

But it’s not true for all of them.

Some of them would LOVE to be invited to sneak preview a new program, product, service, offer, etc. and provide their feedback.

So what are you waiting for? Go find them!

And when you do, make sure you have ONE new thing ready for them to try out right away, get their feedback immediately, let them know how you used it, and be sure to credit them with helping you in the development stage when you actually roll it out to your full membership.

Your new offering will be better for it, and that member? She knows you love her now, and that equals loyalty.

2 thoughts on “The Power of the Beta”

  • I agree 100%. We just experienced this at our last conference. We profiled a new service–functional but in need of input to make better–and invited members to stop by a discussion table during the networking breakfast to learn more and share their ideas. Worked like a charm!

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