Membership Q&A: Is There a Tipping Point?

little boy playing Jenga

Is there a “tipping point” when too many benefits start to get lost in the shuffle? 

People associate because they’re trying to accomplish something or solve a problem that they’ve been unable to do alone. So yes, your members come to you looking for something in particular – help solving a particular problem that has so far proved intractable or achieving a particular goal that has so far proved unattainable.

Each member is likely joining because of 1-3 key benefits that particular member is looking for. The trick is to figure out what those 1-3 key benefits are for any given member, and then to clearly show her how those benefits solve her problem or help her achieve her goal.

But yes, you can offer too much stuff. Clues that a benefit is a waste of resources include:

  • Few members use it (you find that out from behavioral data)
  • Those members that do use it aren’t passionate about it (you find that out in member satisfaction surveys)
  • The cost to provide the benefit is out of line with use (which requires fully weighted cost center accounting to accurately calculate)
  • The benefit is tangential to your mission
  • Someone else is providing an equivalent benefit both better and cheaper than your association does
  • The benefit is a major drain on staff

Don’t be afraid to eliminate under-performing benefits. That’s the only way you free up resources for the new things your members are going to need to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash