Looking into My Crystal Ball

I’ll be speaking for DMAW’s Bridge Conference in August. Leading up to the event, they’ll be devoting a feature in their July issue of AdVents to“Fall 2012 Predictions from the Experts To Jump Start Your Year-end Planning.”

They asked each speaker to answer (in 75 words or less) the question:

What development, trend, or marketing innovation do you predict will be in place by the fall of 2012 to influence every direct marketer’s year-end planning?

My answer?

Mobile. The percentage of people using smart phones is going nowhere but up, and it’s having an increasing impact on the ways we can engage our audiences and on their expectations of us. From apps to mobile-friendly websites to ensuring your emails render correctly and legibly to the ability to take mobile donations, nonprofit organizations MUST become fluent in mobile in 2013.

How would you answer the question?