Five Ways NOT to Brainstorm

Brainstorming has come under fire recently as being a crummy way of coming up with new ideas. Perhaps it’s because people are doing one or more of the following?

  1. Inviting as many people as possible – the more, the merrier! (Of course, that means most people won’t have a chance to speak, but too bad for them, right?)
  2. Only the Very Important People get to contribute ideas. (Everyone who’s not Very Important is just a spectator – after all, she’s not Very Important, so how could she have good ideas anyway?)
  3. Start picking at any idea that’s raised immediately. (We don’t want to waste time on things that are impractical, right?)
  4. Please think only inside the box. (See above about wasting time on wild ideas and REALLY BIG thinking.)
  5. We only want GOOD ideas. (And of course we can immediately identify them, so stop offering new ones.)

Sound terrible? It is.

But you *can* do brainstorming right – and effectively. These sources can show you how:


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