Five Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Sales

One of the toughest things in marketing is crossing over into sales. While our end goal is to get people to buy what we’re selling, no one wants to be the sleazy used car dealer.

So how do you get one (sales) without the other (obnoxious dude everyone avoids at parties)?

  1. Understand that selling is really about matching problems to solutions. (Which also means that if your solutions don’t match their problems, you need to be willing to walk away.)
  2. Realize that selling = making connections.
  3. Ask questions and listen to the answers. (Exhibit booth pet peeve #1: the exhibitor is doing all the talking. NOOOOOOO!)
  4. Invite people to participate in offerings that will help them succeed. (Again, you’re not trying to push product – you’re looking for fit. You only want want customers who are going to be happy, which means you’re willing to let the marginal ones go.)
  5. Be yourself. (Unless you’re that guy. Don’t be that guy.)