Accountability – it’s not a dirty word

Two things have struck me recently (or perhaps I should say “stuck in my craw”):

Associations are generally warm-n-fuzzy(er) than for-profits.

Associations like to be collaborative and engage in consensus based decision making, but sometimes someone has to stand up and say you WILL do this or you will NOT do that. And there have to be consequences for non-compliance. There has to be a balance, but it has to be just as OK to use the stick where warranted as it is to use the carrot. We’re not children – or at least we’re not supposed to be – we’re grown up professionals.

Associations like to acknowledge effort, and we all know we’re always going to be at least somewhat at the mercy of our boards and other volunteer leaders.  But, to quote Yoda:  “Do or do not. There is no try.” What you tried to do doesn’t matter.  What you accomplished does.  There might be attenuating circumstances, and if there are, mention them.  But focus on results, not what you wanted to happen or what you planned to happen or what, in an ideal world, would have happened.

What do you to keep the focus on mission, results, and being accountable for your actions on a daily basis?  What do you ask of the people you supervise?  What do you ask of your boss?