Resolution Time!

It’s that time of year – the time when we look back and look forward and decide what we want to change. Most of the time, people think about bad habits they want to stop (like smoking) or good habits they want to start (like eating more vegetables).

And that’s all fine, if a little dull and, let’s be honest, likely to get broken.


You could join me in resolving to do something fun that will stretch you in some unexpected way:

Won’t you join me?


Cynthia Got Me Thinking….

As she is wont to do, Cynthia’s response to my post looking for “UNUSUAL source[s] of creativity, great ideas, awesomesauce, and general bad-assed-ness” got me thinking:

Where do you find inspiration in your daily life?

We all spend a lot of time on our careers, on our organizations, online, on social media, on on on on on.

What happens when (hopefully not “if”) you unplug? Where do you turn to renew your creative juices, your love for what you do? What do you do to “live large,” as Cynthia advised?

For myself, I ran consistently for about 12 1/2 years. Running provided a great outlet for me, and gave me time to think and let ideas percolate. This past fall, I realized that my body was not nearly as happy running any more as it used to be. So I opted to take a break, which I’m still on, at least as of this writing. I’m doing other stuff – yoga, dance classes, long walks, etc. – that seems to make my physical self happier at this point, but so far I haven’t found a replacement that provides the same level of mental clarity I enjoyed from running. So I’m still searching there.

Other things that recharge my batteries?

  • Music, particularly live jazz.
  • Spending face to face time with my posse of non-association peeps.
  • Spending face to face time with my posse of association peeps.
  • Travel, to places both familiar and deeply unfamiliar.
  • Live theater.
  • Tarot. (No, I don’t think it’s some sort of Higher Being From The Great Beyond speaking to me through the cards. I *do* think it’s a good way to access what’s going on in the subconscious.)
  • Really pretty stuff in nature, like the image above of the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin here in DC.

What inspires you?