Slave to…my smartphone?

A long-time Palm Pilot user, I recently upgraded to a smart phone. I had delayed for a variety of reasons:

  1. I tend not to throw out any tech devices until they actually stop working.
  2. My Palm and my dumb phone were both still in good order.
  3. I was worried about a smart phone turning into an electronic leash.

When my dumb phone gave up the ghost in the beginning of December, I knew my days were numbered. Fortunately, my spouse had an even older but still functional dumb phone that (amazingly) was able to hold a charge after being stored in a drawer for quite literally years, so I popped in my sim card, charged it up, and could still at least text and make calls. Of course, the phone was about the size of a shoe, but….

After about 6 weeks of considering my options, I choose an iPhone in mid-January.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the intervening months:

  • I have a bunch of apps (nearly all free), of which I regularly use only a handful.
  • That handful of apps is really, really useful.
  • I can work from anywhere now.
  • But I don’t have to. I am rigorous about turning off synch of my email outside business hours.
  • The Kindle app is really handy if you find yourself unexpectedly having to wait somewhere. But make sure you’re reading a book of essays or one that you know well, since there will be a lot of picking up and putting down a given text.
  • I still need my iPod, because I have WAY too much music for even my 32 GB version.
  • I still miss my Palm, because I still haven’t found a satisfactory method for managing both personal and work tasks and calendars in a way that keeps them separate but lets me easily see both at the same time.
  • AT&T sucks.