Great Ideas Volunteer Unsession Meme

It’s a meme-a-palooza up in here!

Peggy Hoffman has asked several of us to share our five favorite short-term volunteer gigs (aka, did not require committing to a committee for the remainder of your natural life).

This is actually harder than it sounds! But here goes:

  1. Greater DC Cares events. Their system for getting projects and marshalling large numbers of volunteers is really impressive.
  2. Facilitating Idea Swaps for the Greater Washington Network – always a good time.
  3. Writing Voices from Our Center, the radio program for the UVA Women’s Center, while I was in grad school.
  4. Getting invited to ASAE with a bunch of smarty-smart association people this past fall to brainstorm some ways to make this year’s annual meeting even more awesome. Hope you like what we came up with!
  5. The Flying Geezers. Once upon a time, I was an avid swing dancer. And everyone got really into competitions. BIG WEIGHTY IMPORTANT competitions. Well, a whole bunch of us decided that we liked performing, but didn’t really want to deal with CHOREOGRAPHY and VERY SERIOUS PRACTICES and all that crap. So we started a performance group that danced for senior citizens and school kids. The only requirement? Show up for some gigs in vintage ready to dance. Best times? Dancing at the Old Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home in DC a couple of times a year.