What’s Blockchain?

And why should associations care?

Shelly Alcorn (Ubiquity University and Alcon Associates Management Consulting) and I will be presenting for CalSAE on The Perils and Promise of Blockchain Wednesday, September 30.

“Hm,” you may be thinking, “I’m not IN California. Why is Elizabeth telling me this?”

Because CalSAE’s annual ELEVATE meeting has been converted into a series of Virtual Summits taking place for four consecutive Wednesdays in September, starting September 9.

  • Building Capacity – Wednesday, September 9
  • The Essentials – Wednesday, September 16
  • Thriving Associations – Wednesday, September 23
  • Trends Watch – Wednesday, September 30 (that’s when Shelly and I are presenting)

Quoting the CalSAE Virtual Summits site:

The buzz is unmistakable. The next technological wave is beginning to crest and blockchain is leading the way. Advocates claim it will revolutionize trust on the internet and, perhaps counterintuitively, lead to more privacy for individuals. Detractors have concerns about misuse, security, and what the overall socio-economic impact may be of blockchain being deployed at scale. Is it all just hype? How can we develop a better understanding of how blockchain may impact us as individuals and leaders of organizations? In this session, we’ll answer those questions, talk about what blockchain is and how the technology works, discuss how it’s going to affect the association industry, and provide a roadmap for associations to use as they begin to help their members prepare for the impacts of this disruptive technology on their industries and professions.

Shelly and I pre-recorded the session, which is based on our recent free whitepaper of the same title, so we’ll be able to be active in the chat with participants. That means: Come ready with your questions about blockchain, because we’ll be ready to answer them!

Learn more about all the sessions on all four Wednesdays and register for one or all four here.