Are You Ready to Lead REAL Engagement?

The Spark blog has been a little quiet lately because I’ve been working on an exciting project with Anna Caraveli (The Demand Networks). Yes, the next Spark whitepaper is about to launch!

Associations have been talking a lot about engagement in the past several years, and that’s good, but we’re mostly still not doing a great job of actually nurturing real member engagement.

Anna and I think that’s because we’ve been going about engagement all wrong, putting ourselves and the association’s needs at the center of what engagement means, rather than viewing the members (and other audiences) and what they’re trying to accomplish as the heart of engagement.

So we wrote a whitepaper about it that features stories from ELEVEN different organizations who’ve cracked the code of generating engagement by being engaging and shares EIGHT keys to becoming engaging that we discovered through our research.

Intrigued? Join us for the official release webinar, next Wednesday, May 20, as part of the Thought Leaders series.

Oh – and check back here next week to download the actual whitepaper (also free).